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Myopia (Short-Sightedness) Control

Myopia (short sightedness) is on the increase. Act now to slow the progression of your child’s myopia.
King Cross Opticians are leaders in the field of Myopia Management and Myopia Control. All our clinical staff are qualified on this subject, with attendance at national and international conferences. Our commitment and expertise in this field has led us to being amongst the first group of Opticians to have access to MiSight® 1 daycontact lenses and MiyoSMART glasses from Hoya.These are two new treatments that slow down the rate at which myopia progresses and even myopia itself.

What is myopia?

In a normally shaped eye, light focuses directly on the retina at the back of the eye. This makes vision sharp and clear.

When your child has myopia, their eyes are growing too long, and light focuses in front of the retina. This blurs their distance vision, so they need spectacles or contact lenses to see clearly.

Can Myopia be treated?

There are specialized products available, in the form of contact lenses and spectacle lenses for glasses that can slow down the rate at which myopia progresses and even myopia itself.

1)MiSight 1 day contact lenses

  • This is the first soft contact lens proven to slow the progression of myopia.
  • A daily disposable contact lens suitable for myopic children as young as eight years old.
  • Clever ActivControl Technology, which as a dual-focus contact lens has alternating visual correction and treatment zones allows children to see clearly while slowing their myopia progression and eyeball growth.
  • Wearing MiSight 1-day contact lenses is shown to reduce myopia progression in children by 59% on average, reducing their reliance on vision correction.
  • 41% of children who wore MiSight contact lenses had no significant change in prescription during the three-year period of a recent study compared to only 4% of those who did not.

2) MiYOSMART Spectacle Lenses

MiYOSMART Spectacle lenses from Hoya use specific lens designs to slow down the progression of myopia and are as easy to wear as any pair of children’s glasses. Based on a two-year clinical trial results, MiYOSMART is proven to curb myopia progression in children on average by 60% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology.

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